Smart Policy Assist is...

An ML based solution, that allows policy makers to obtain insights from large unstructured data sets quickly.

By leveraging machine learning solutions such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) methodologies and text processing, we can identify and organize information by reading, analyzing, and comparing policy comment submissions in an effort to aid policy makers in their decision making processes.
Governments have looked to artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver services and improve operations, aiding policy makers in their analysis process is the next application of this powerful technology.

The foundations of policymaking—specifically, the ability to identify patterns, develop evidence-based programs, forecast outcomes, and analyze effectiveness—fall squarely in AI’s sweet spot.
Reviewing public feedback for a federal rule requires significant manual effort and is necessary by law.

SPA applies ML-AI to assist rule makers in their unique policy review needs.

Whether that need is organizing and analyzing thousands of publicly submitted comments or identifying the unique submissions and viewing the similiar comments in a single user interface, SPA can improve your ability to quickly and accurately make adjustments to policies and regulations.

Accelerates the comment review process by using AI-ML and NLP to provide insights that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

Analyze the overall impact of a policy based on publicly submitted feedback in an easy to use interface.

Architecturally extensible to cater to a variety of ML and NLP analyses and applications.

By identifying and grouping similar comments. We experienced a 63% reduction in workflow effort.

Identify important information with unparalleled analytics utilizing Smart Policy Assist.

Smart Policy Assist: an ML based solution, to identify and organize information, and improve decisions by reading, analyzing, and comparing policy comment submissions, using AI to deliver business critical insights.

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